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Celebrating 75 Years
Dear Friends,

Rowman & Littlefield is proud to celebrate its 75th year as an independent publisher in 2024. We publish an award-winning list of timely, informative, and entertaining general interest titles, highlighted in this catalog, as well as authoritative but student-friendly higher education textbooks, cutting-edge scholarly research, practical and inspiring professional resources and indispensable reference works. Our publishing program is global in content, authorship, and reach, with Rowman & Littlefield titles available for sale and found in libraries around the world. 

This year we are also excited to publish the Revised Standard Edition of The Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund FreudRevised and edited by Mark Solms, and co-published by the British Psychoanalytical Society, the greatly anticipated Revised Standard Edition has been years in the making. It includes more than fifty pieces of Freud’s work that were not included in Strachey’s Standard Edition. The Revised Standard Edition will be available in June as a set of 24 hardcover volumes with Smyth sewn bindings and in ebook format.

We are grateful to the thousands of authors whose works we have published in the past seventy-five years, to the tens of thousands of librarians who have purchased our books for their collections, and to the millions of readers who have purchased and read our books. We look forward to working with top-notch authors to publish the high-quality books that our readers want and need for many years to come.

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We’re excited to unveil our new, free-to-access Spring 2024 General Interest digital catalog, packed with recently published and forthcoming nonfiction for all readers. Browse conveniently through over 20 subject sections, series details, and paperback favorites and start planning for an exciting season of new books.

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