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Books for Mental Health Awareness Month
For May & Beyond: Read for Your Mental Health

It's easy to feel too busy or overwhelmed to pick up a book. But reading is a great way to combat stress and expand our understanding—of not only ourselves but also our relationships with others. Nonfiction is especially useful for navigating real-life scenarios and emotions, which is why we rounded up some of our best resources for your browsing.

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General Interest
Afraid: Understanding the Purpose of Fear and Harnessing the Power of Anxiety Controlling Mental Chaos: Harnessing the Power of the Creative Mind Am I Lying to Myself?: How To Overcome Denial and See the Truth When Worry Works: How to Harness Your Parenting Stress and Guide Your Teen to Success
The Narcissist in You and Everyone Else: Recognizing the 27 Types of Narcissism The Brain Behind Pain: Exploring the Mind-Body Connection Logged In and Stressed Out: How Social Media is Affecting Your Mental Health and What You Can Do About It Freedom from Family Dysfunction: A Guide to Healing Families Battling Addiction or Mental Illness
The Healthy Compulsive: Healing Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder and Taking the Wheel of the Driven Personality Coping with Parental Death: Insights and Tips for Teenagers
Professional & Academic
Psychological Care for Cancer Patients: New Perspectives on Training Health Professionals Understanding Korean Americans’ Mental Health: A Guide to Culturally Competent Practices, Program Developments, and Policies Mental Health Practice with LGBTQ+ Children, Adolescents, and Emerging Adults in Multiple Systems of Care
Counseling in a Gender-Expansive World: Resources to Support Therapeutic Practice Online Community Therapy: The Support Network Communicating With, About, and Through Self-Harm: Scarred Discourse
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