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Lexington Books publishes the highest quality scholarship, using an independent, multi-disciplinary approach to probe religious texts, thought, and practices and the impacts they have on our society. Lexington Books titles use various methods of empirical investigation and critical analysis to offer the most contemporary and premier academic thought in the field for scholars, researchers, and students.
The selections in this Chapter Showcase highlight the quality of scholarship and diverse range of voices and topics in religion. We have drawn from key recently published works, including monographs, edited collections, and series volumes, to provide a glimpse of the innovative and constructive scholarly vision at the root of the publishing program at Lexington Books. These five chapters demonstrate the breadth of religious studies work being published at Lexington Books. The chapters look at questions of LGBTQ suicide in Christian communities, the impact enslaved African Muslims made to American Islam, the othering of Black people as part of the religious meaning of America, intersectional approaches to identity and the biblical text, and comparative studies between medieval Christian and Buddhist mysticism. They are prime examples of how our religious studies titles provide greater insight into communities of faith around the world.

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